In January 2017, Wren Artists brought ‘Stories’ to the Great Eastern Wall Gallery - the first photographic exhibition featured at the outdoor site in Shoreditch. The series launched with the work of photographer Jean-Baptiste Courtier, and the space will be dedicated to different photographic works and artists throughout the year.

The current exhibition brings together striking images from Jean-Baptiste Courtier, a photographer known for creating entertaining and surrealist worlds. Each image tells its own story, capturing and igniting the imagination of the East London passers-by. Photographed using large format film, and printed to approximately four metres wide, these images are difficult to miss.

Taking influence from the world of film and music, Courtier brings elements of each art form into his poetic and often rhythmic series. He populates each image with objects or acts which disrupt the normal order, transforming what we first see as an everyday scenario into something more seductive. Featuring Elvis himself, latex legs and masked dancers, the exhibition leaves you with a sense of longing, of an uncertainty between reality and the imaginary.

‘Stories’, curated by Wren Artists, combines four iconic images from different series, united as a depiction of Jean-Baptiste’s practice. Together they both create a window into Courtier’s surrealist world and explore the familiar visual language of street imagery.

Jean-Baptiste Courtier is an award-winning photographer. He was voted amongst the top 10 photographers in France in 2015 after being featured by respected fashion houses Marc Jacobs & Paul Smith with his project ‘Natation Synchronisee’. Over the past few years, Courtier’s work has been shown worldwide including; Galerie Hegoa Paris, 2015; La Fototeca, Guatemala City, 2014, S.H.A.G Gallery Paris, 2013 & Foto Week, Washington, 2012.

Wren Artists is a London based visual artists agency, managing photographers within the commercial, editorial and art markets. The agency’s curatorial approach to photography matches artists with creative opportunities across both the cultural and commercial sectors.

The current exhibition will be up until mid-march. The next in Wren Artists’ instalment can be expected late summer.

‘It belongs to me, it’s like a souvenir: it reminds me of that moment when the set was ready, when the gymnasts were doing their feat or when the motorcycle team were approaching me, and I had smile on my face’ full interview with Jean-Baptiste Courtier.

More information on Great Eastern Wall Gallery at Village Underground.