Feicity McCabe


This September, Wren Artists launches the second instalment of their series of contemporary photographic exhibitions at the Great Eastern Wall Gallery, featuring photographer and artist, Felicity McCabe. Curated as a selection from her on-going series Archive, each photographic image is printed to approximately 4 metres wide heightening the scale that McCabe explores within the project.

Following on from Wren Artist’s first show featuring photographer Jean-Baptiste Courtier and his surrealist landscapes, Felicity McCabe’s creations have a sophisticated modernity which brings a completely alternative experience to the space. McCabe constructs, and questions, the imperfections of human memory within these seemingly observational still life images.

Felicity McCabe’s practice flows with a consistent theme considering the nature of time and memory, and Archive is the latest result kindled by her previous photographic investigations. Using archival photography as an original source material, McCabe has fabricated elements from each scene to create new constructs of those moments in time. Each image a personal reflection of what McCabe has observed in her selection of the historical imagery.

By retaining the coined name for the images, McCabe creates a contextual anchor from her interpretations to their original source. The sourced images, taken from national photographic press coverage in the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s, carry themes, issues and stories from their time. The themes, that weave throughout the curated archive, are still relevant, some seven decades later. Both emotional triggers to the found stories, and Felicity’s vision for the project influenced the final selection for the project. This selection from is taken from local East London journalism.

The next in Wren Artists’ instalment can be expected early 2018.

“Our memories are faulty. Events that we are convinced we remember are in fact only memories of our own memories, facsimiles of things gone by. With each re- calling of an event, we reconstruct each detail.”

Interview with Felicity McCabe on Village Underground website